Some thoughts about teaching

So life update, I recently accepted a position in student affairs working as the Assistant Director of LGBTQA+ Affairs at West Chester University. I suffered from bouts of impostor syndrome in the job because I was switching from an academic role to a more student life role. You know, now that the impostor syndrome for this position is wearing off, I’m now critiquing my teaching career and honestly? I don’t think I was that great of a teacher. I encouraged students to do the bare minimum because I didn’t want to grade their papers or web posts, which I saw as busy work.
I mean, I still grilled them on the material and my end goal was to make sure they could at least carry a conversation about the materials covered, but in terms of assessment? I did one on ones, I did reflections, I did narratives instead of asking students to parrot material back to me–and I wonder exactly how effective that was, if at all.
Does experimentation really belong in the non-STEM classroom? Does experiential learning produce results?
I wish I kept in contact with more of my students who I’m not “friends” with to ask them–what did you gain from my class other than a grade?


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