Projects are fun, right? Right.

My partner and I are going to be diving into a project together. I’m both scared and excited. Scared because, well when you start a new project there has to be a lot of planning and forethought and foresight that goes on with it, but excited because it’s a fun project idea that both my partner and I are excited about.

However, when you start a new hobby, I wonder about the start up costs and everything. I mean, other than committing time and energy, there are always things to consider.

Well, here’s an example. I’ve recently rediscovered my love of making costumes (which helps with my further settling into my gender identity because, there’s no such thing as a wardrobe, only costumes). However, costume making, heck even just regular clothing making is expensive! I mean, I had to buy sewing supplies, batting, fabric and dye. I’m looking at investing into a sewing machine because sewing things by hand takes so long and I’m not that great at it. Hobbies are expensive because you have to invest time and money into something you want to do, so are you getting what you value out of it?

Here’s what I made for my partner and myself, I made pokemon hoodies for us. I could have bought them, but I wanted something personal and my own (also buying them would have been more expensive) So what service or value do you get out of your hobbies?


So I’m investigating the start up costs for this new project/hobby my partner have discussed starting and seeing how feasible it is in terms of money and time. I’m still in the discussion phase, but I’m wondering for you all who have partners or have done collaborative works or shared hobbies with people, how do you approach it? Do you keep your collaborator accountable?

I’ll keep you all posted.


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