What does the perfect home look like for you?

Trait #1:

Anywhere that the Donald isn’t president.

But failing that, I’ve started to think that the partner unit and I have outgrown this space. We moved into a new space because our previous living situation was garbage. We had a housemate who told us he takes pride in gaslighting people.

I know that was a major red flag, but we were desperate for a place to live.

Right now, we live in a very affordable space that’s walking distance to work for the both of us–which is great except.

  • It’s tiny. (two people & two cats, and less than 700 sq ft)
  • The upstairs neighbors suck.

The rest of the things we’d like aren’t necessary, but for the location and price, the space isn’t that bad at all.

But if I were to list what features would make a perfect space for us, it would need:

  • Pet friendly
  • Two bedrooms
  • 1.5-2 bathrooms
  • Free heat (very important in the Midwest–something I didn’t have to deal with in California)
  • tub (no shower-only bathrooms)
  • Off-street Parking
  • Washer & Dryer or Laundry Facility in complex
  • Gas Stove/Range
  • Close to groceries (no food deserts please)
  • Central air
  • Dishwasher

It seems like I’m asking for a lot, but the first two are necessary for us. The rest are just nice to have. We might be moving soon, if not out of state, then to another apartment–so I’m hoping I can find a place we like that’s comfy and has features that suit us. Blah. What would you perfect home look like?


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