Thoughts on Cosplay and Craft

I’m an amateur cosplayer. I don’t know how to sew (I should learn. I have a small sewing machine) so instead I do cosplays where I buy the material and repurpose it. For my Castiel (from Supernatural) cosplay, I had to buy a trench coat. I already had the pants, white dress shirt and tie (I had to also grow out my facial hair).

I don’t buy full outright pre-made costumes, I try to assemble them on my own because I feel it makes things more personal. I come across so many cosplay “tutorials” where to pull of the costume, they tell you to essentially buy your full costume pre-made and assembled from a website.

I find the hunt for clothing items from thrift stores and raiding closets for it. It’s this feeling that pulls me through cooking. I’ve taken to making ice creams and making my own pastries. It’s partly out of controlling my food intake as well as being able to save money, but also there’s something about being able to know that I made something, even if it’s with store-bought materials, the end product is something I can call my own.

What is it about being able to claim something as your own that makes you enjoy it more? Is Pride really something you can taste? Is that what “home-made” is?


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