Blogging, Branding and Redefining.

For all you bloggers, what keeps you going? Seriously. I have a love/hate relationship with blogging. I enjoy the ability to share stories and connect with people online. I mean, I was able to meet and connect with Eric after meeting him on the 20-Something Bloggers blog community (long since closed) and he’s become someone who I’ve been able to respect as a writer and as a friend.

I was the founder of The Gaymers, an online magazine and community for LGBTQ Geeks and I was able to make connections that way which helped me discover great wonderful things I wouldn’t have found (namely the musician and spoken word artist George Watsky and poet & educator Michael Lee) so I owe a lot of my musical and reading tastes to the internet, because word-of-mouth does work. But…I fell out of it.

I’m trying to reconnect that time when I was excited to write, to create, and to share who I am with the world–

Except I have no idea where to start.

I’ve spent so much of my life in academia and academia has told me “make a blog! make a website!” but never told me why. So I’m now I’m doing this because I want to do this.


Now. How do I start (over)?


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