General Update & Going Ons

I should really be updating this thing more often.

Anywho–Gaming news:

My partner and I have been getting more into board games. Dice, Card and other–we’re contributing factors in this new board game renaissance, as stated in this article.

So far, we’ve been playing Lagoon and Ghost Stories which are interesting in their game mechanics on how story is incorporated. You aren’t trying to dick over your opponents, you’re working together (in Ghost Stories) or “peacefully” (in Lagoon). It’s not a relationship ruiner a la Mario Kart or Catan.

Lagoon has a little bit of a learning curve because some of the game mechanics are a little clunky but once you do a play through, you get it. Ghost Stories is like a game of chess that you can actually play by yourself–so it’s you against the ghosts.

Both games have a spiritual/faith aspect (Druid & Taoist, respectively) which is done in a way that’s not fetishizing or obvious, but incorporated in way that feels natural.

I have a weakness for miniatures, so I’m going to give Zombicide a shot as well as Myth but I don’t want them to be money-sinks because of the minis needed to play.


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