Happy National Poetry Month

So on the work front, I’ll be in Minneapolis next week for the AWP writing conference. I’m not presenting this year, but I’ll be representing cream city review which I work for and Kundiman the Asian American Writing Organization that awarded me a fellowship a few years back.

I’ll be bringing my friend/colleague Katie with me and it’ll be her first time at a big conference like this, so I want to show her the networking ropes. Networking is a game that you have to play sometimes and it’s not a bad thing–it’s just a thing. I mean, I do passive networking. I don’t actively hunt people down, but I check out readings and stuff like that and talk to people and if our paths cross–that’s awesome. If not, that’s awesome too.

I’m sort of in limbo when it comes to my school stuff because I haven’t talked to my advisor in quite some time. I don’t know how to approach her now and be all, “soo….am I failing?” So to put that off, I’ve been trying to balance a new work/writing schedule. So I want to get back into skateboarding and I want a more regimented writing schedule. So I need to block off times where I can write and to relax I skateboard or go on a run. Sounds good so far until I realized that I am a busy little bee with teaching, advising students, and most of all trying to stave off my anxiety.

Wrote a poem today that seems like it’ll be a good project for me to work on–I’ll have more details if it pans out.

But current tally:

National Poetry Writing Month:

Day One-Complete.


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