At the heart of it all, I am a misanthrope.

Things that annoy me.

  • When people use buzzwords to get attention to ads. “Loveseat Modern shabby chic midcentury industrial rustic vintage with tags!” I don’t think those styles mean what you think it means. Also, what does a modern, shabby chic, midcentury, industrial, vintage, rustic, thing look like? I imagine a steam-punk lolita wearing shit from Anne of Green Gables. (if someone draws this for me, I will pay you for it)
  • Misattributed words like “hip” or “trendy” especially in this case. How the hell is a futon hip? How is it trendy? Also why is this futon hip or trendy? It looks like shit from a dorm room. From the 80s. Oh wait. That would make it vintage then, right?

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