Something that’s bugged me for the longest time about one of my favorite movies.

Input needed. About the movie Clue

When they reveal that the people killed all informed on the suspects so Mr. Boddy can blackmail them, they all match up pretty well.

Ms. Scarlett = the cop she bribed

Mrs. White = Yvette, her husband’s mistress

Prof. Plum = “Mr. Boddy.” (even though the singing telegram girl was the one who informed on him was killed by the real Mr. Boddy)

Mrs. Peacock = Her former cook

Col. Mustard = His former driver


Mr Green = Wadsworth.

My theory is that Mr. Green had an affair with Wadsworth, which is why he said in the “real” “You’re Mr. Boddy. I was going to expose you….”

Which Wadsworth replies, “I choose to expose myself.”

Why would Mr. Green know this? (Remember, Mr. Green’s secret is that he’s a closet homosexual working for the FBI) My answer? He and “Wadsworth” had an affair.

Another person claims that it was the butler (or the fake Mr. Boddy) that Mr. Green had the affair with, but that doesn’t make sense, because then Mr. Green would have known him when he came in initially.

What say you? Did Wadsworth and Mr. Green have an affair?


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