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People are upset because Eddie Huang’s upcoming sitcom “Fresh Off the Boat” uses the term “chink.”Huang uses it because it was used against him to show how racism affects people.

It’s this whole bullshit of “no one’s racist! Let’s not use these words because no one uses them anymore.” Bullshit. The sitcom is based on his life and it was used against him. Where was the uproar when Chris Rock used the word “nigger” in his stand-up to talk about the power of that word? No one was up in arms.

Then again, my stalker uses the word “gook” which hasn’t been used in common vernacular since, what? Vietnam? The word “gook” though, it sounds like someone trying way too hard to sound hard and racist.

That’s just an aside though. Anyway. I’m using Huang’s memoir Fresh off the Boat in my global immigration studies course this fall. I mean, if we actually own up to racism and the institutionalization of it then we can talk about it in a frank matter. It exists. It still exists. It doesn’t need to be that way, and maybe it won’t be that way, but that day isn’t now. We don’t live in a post-racial society, and I don’t think we’ll ever be in one. We don’t live in a post-queer society (I refuse to say post-gay because gay denotes something specific) just because of same sex marriage being passed. But we need to talk about it to insure progress.

Just some strung together thoughts before I go to bed. What do you think about this whole mess?