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With blogging being a public forum, what allows you or what forces you to become completely honest? Some people talk frankly about their personal lives and their personal struggles. I don’t know if I can fully do that because the last time I became open with an online community,  I ended up with a stalker that has been harassing me for over a decade. What do you personally gain from sharing things with people online? Do you ever consider safety? Just wondering for those of you non-spambots reading.

Oh and if you hit “like” but don’t answer, then you are the worst kind of human. Non-human. So I assume spambot or attention-skeeze. Essentially. what my stalker was/is (I say this after reading his twitter feed and being scared to disgusted to now feeling really sad for humanity and then feeling full of pity. Or gas. Might be gas. I had Mexican for dinner).