Never Read the Comments

Reading the comments on the Elliot Rodger’s video make me so frustrated and worried for women. I know, I know. Never read the comments–but the sheer amount of people calling him Rodger a hero and how the victims (who aren’t all women, his initial targets who were sorority members were able to thwart his attack) deserved it because “sex is a basic human need” and how [women] need to do a “charity bang.”

This is not only disgusting but disturbing on so many levels. I just worry about the country that my nieces will be raised in and how they’ll be expected to just “be used to” sexual harassment and to treat street harassment as “a compliment.”
I just wish I could hold my nieces right now and be sure that they will never be victims of this misogynistic society.

I identify as a feminist. I am not ashamed of this. I am a feminist in thought, rhetoric and action. I do not tell people I am a feminist because it is not a word for me to claim. I feel it is how an ally says that they are an ally and not queer for the LGBT community. I want to teach my nieces that they will be safe. I want to teach them that they do not owe anyone sex or heir bodies. I want them to be safe, loved and to have the full lives that we should be guaranteed.

I wish I had more, but words fail me right now.


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