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Photo on 3-11-14 at 8.10 PM

Good news: I passed my preliminary exam/qualifying exam/DQE (whatever it’s called). It’s the big PhD exam that I have to take in order to qualify for dissertator status. I can now work on my actual research and creative project. I wasn’t big on theory–still hate learning literary theory, but it’s come in handy. I wouldn’t say being in the PhD program didn’t serve me, but I find that my research is away from literature and rhetoric, but instead focused more on ethnic studies, American studies and cultural studies. It took teaching within the ethnic studies department to learn this.

I really don’t like telling people that I’m a PhD student because they have the assumptions about me when I mention it. I’m not necessarily high brow. In fact, I haven’t read much of the literary canon–still don’t like Dickinson and most early American poetry. I don’t have the patience for it.

I’m a grad student & a lecturer because I read (or had read) a lot. A lot of what I do, I feel like many other people can do. People tell me I’m a good instructor, but I don’t know too much about what I teach–I’m not that great at composition. I would rather teach what’s passionate to me.

I care about food, I care about design and aesthetics, I care about people and emotions. I care about stories and storytelling. I don’t care about the language differences that separate us, I care about the experiences that bind us.

Maybe I need to re-watch “Craigslist Joe” on Netflix.