Bad Poetry Costumes

Taking a break from my weekend long qualifying exam to post this. I want to have some bad literary/poetry costumes–like a bad costume contest. I want people to wince when they see my costume(s).

So far I have a few ideas:

Sylvia Plath: Walk around with an EZ-Bake Over on my head carrying a basket of bread and some water (the last meal she left out for her children before her suicide).

Emily Dickinson: Wear all white and carry a screen door and talk to people through the door and never really to them (at the height of her reclusive hermitage, she…did so).

Hemingway: Wear a cabana hat, have a cat with me, and a shotgun.

James Franco: Asleep, reeking of pot and carrying books that shouldn’t have been published.

Too soon for these? Bad taste?


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