Revamping, revisioning and redesign

I know, I know. I’m a bad bad blogger and if I’m not doing pithy joke facebook statuses or posting non-sequitur twitter updates, then I should probably be blogging and “building my social media base” as all these articles tell me I “should” be doing.

My reading list is in version 2.3, my projects need to be updated, along with my CV, biography, links section as well as coming up with a new “reading project” list that lists my research, and actually have a writing sample up–although my blog can serve as a semi-writing sample.

I guess all in all, I need to redo my site and actually figure out the reason(s) why I am I maintaining a site–I mean, I really don’t know why other than the fact that my advisor and others are telling me that I need a website. And a facebook fan page/non personal “business” type facebook page.

But, that’s all apart of the great writing “game,” right?


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