A Long Overdue Update

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am a huge fan of the storytelling series from The Moth. The Moth serves as a competition, a story slam where people tell stories based on a theme and time limit. Think a poetry slam, but with true stories.

I was really active in the competitions in Los Angeles and when I got accepted to Milwaukee, I was bummed out because there weren’t any shows. The closest slams were in Chicago. However, last year The Moth started up in Milwaukee and I started to go. I started to help out and was fixture at helping the show run. This past month, I threw my name into the hat and performed a story based on the theme of “Only in Milwaukee.”

And I won.

Here’s me with my average score for the night.1013666_10101837922889654_1744400050_n

I’ll see if I can get the video of the performance, but within a day or so, I’ll transcribe my story if I can’t get a video up. I’ll be better about updating, but I have an apartment to finish moving into.


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