This is being typed on my phone, so I apologize for the grammatical/typographical errors.

I have found the source of my overall discomfort with teaching/education. It’s the Internet.

So many notes/posts about people hating doing homework and giving up on homework, and how they wish Tumblr/Facebook was school and how they put more effort into their tumblr than their school work.

Well. Maybe if you switched that shit around, school wouldn’t suck so bad, right? Think about a musician/artist/writer/athlete, whatever–

When they start out, they know nothing of their craft and they get better in practicing and keep working. They can have an off day, but they keep at it. Why is it that education is seen as something that has to be given and not earned?

Why is it the teacher’s job to force knowledge when the students are clearly not giving a shit? So just as a coach decides to make cuts on a team, a teacher can choose to make cuts in the classroom. By failing people.

I acknowledge that there are bad teachers. I know that the education system is flawed in the United States. I know there are good students, but the overwhelming evidence of just apathy both on and off-line (especially college students who feel that a diploma solves everything) had made me jaded and just unimpressed.

It is late, I am on the bus typing this. And I really need a drink.


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