Seriously, people. I’d rather get no hits than spam-ish hits.

If you have a “make money online” blog, please don’t follow mine or click “like” on any of my posts.

Hell, you probably won’t even read this.

I wonder how many likes from those “blogs” I get.

Update: Within 2 hours, 5 spam blogs have “liked” my posts which goes to show that no one reads blogs anymore. Well. No one real.


4 thoughts on “Seriously, people. I’d rather get no hits than spam-ish hits.

      1. I completely understand! I chose WordPress to host my blog because it’s not as saturated with blogs only trying to make money. I have a love for writing and reading what others write so to be blessed by others to read my ENTIRE post I will read the ones I truly do like as well šŸ™‚

  1. read,understood from a ‘been there’ point of view and liked. i never knew what the blogs that have no post but go around liking blog posts were called. i had a blog here before for almost a year then. i got a very unsettling request for info. on and hook up with one of my followers from some unsavory person! nope i have no idea why and i do not want to know i ignored the person,and i shut my blog down. i will never use the follower widget again that way no one sees my followers. anyways you have a ‘incoming follower alert’ !from me šŸ™‚

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