Blogging Amuses Me Sometimes.

This is an extension on why I don’t blog very often. I disabled the function that allowed WordPress to email me whenever someone “likes” a post. Frankly, I shouldn’t really care too much if someone “likes” it. Sure, it’s nice, but all in all, what does it do? Does it garner any sort of conversation? Not really.

The reason I did this was because the last entry I posted gathered 11 “likes” in one day. Ok, cool right? But only about 3 page views. Then I had someone go back and like every entry that I had published. I don’t know nor understand the algorithms this website uses nor the programming code, but if I had 11 “likes” in one day, wouldn’t that assume I would have more page views than that?

It doesn’t matter too much because the people who tend to “like” things are spambots. So a bunch of lines of code like my writing. Nice. I have a niche market with Artificial Intelligence. Siri, if you’re reading this, let’s get coffee.

I don’t comment too often on blogs because they’re written by people who I already know, so I can talk to them in person about some of their entries, failing that–there’s Facebook or other media. This is another reason why I don’t blog. I guess I want an audience, but I don’t want to interact with them. People annoy frighten me.

I have anxiety issues enough in my day to day life that having to deal with them online compounds it.

Although I do get a kick out of checking my spam filter because I like to see what the spambots are trying to pitch to me based on what post/page on this site. So my PhD reading list garners a lot of attention. That’s where many of the spambots try to post replies or comments. Usually about viagra or web surfing.

I guess my reading list is pretty sexy.


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