Discourse about shaving

Now that I don’t have the creativity project to talk about, my mind has wandered to the other things that don’t matter as much. Like shaving. I hate shaving. But I hate having a lot of unmanageable facial hair. I have the annoying trait of being not only a quick healer but having really fast facial hair growth (which isn’t the hair I want to grow. I would prefer the hair on my head to be quicker).

Now, about shaving. Since I shave every day, my blades get dull very quickly. I have to replace my razor fairly often because when the blade is dull it doesn’t cut your hair as much as tugs at it and rips it out of the follicle. I dislike buying disposable razor blades because they tend to not be as nice as the non-disposable and I dislike the waste that accumulates from it.

I have an electric razor, but it doesn’t give me as clean a shave when I want to be baby faced, so I have to go through with an electric razor first and then go over it again with my own handheld razor. I dunno, the time lost from shaving seems to be the biggest factor for me. I am trying to save time by brushing my teeth, shaving and etc while I am in the shower, but those damn “fogless” mirrors keep fogging up on me.

People tell me to grow up my beard, however I have “patchy beard syndrome” where I get a pretty epic moustache and goatee going, but the rest of my face grows in waves. Oddly enough, the left side of my face grows hair last and the slowest. And with the teaching position, I have to look professional, so I am trying to groom down my beard and just keep it clean and grow it out. Maybe I can be all grizzly Adams during the summer, but during the school year I have to keep this clean cut image.

So that was my discourse about shaving. I’ve given in to society’s image of what a professional male should look like but I feel like just saying screw it and just letting it grow in scraggly. No real point to this but decided to share my point of view. How are you this fine new year?


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