Day 32: Have Fun

This goes without saying that you need to enjoy your work and your things in order to succeed and be creative, but you need to learn when to stop. Ever felt like someone put a gun to your head and screamed, “Have Fun?” It’s not fun and you can’t do it because of performance anxiety.

When you say have fun, that means, I think to do things on your own terms and to just enjoy the process. I have a hard time telling people what “fun” is. I am not a huge party person nor do I like crowds. I find sitting at home quietly fun.

I find writing things where I feel relieved or glad to be fun. With my writing, I find that when I create and nothing depends on it, then it is fun. That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be risky or have things at stake. They just have to be the things that you want to honor.

Writing and life should never be a chore. Anything that makes it a chore makes living inappropriate. Have fun. Have a good life. Take breaks.


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