Day 31: Clean Your Workspace

If you met me, one of the things you’d realize is that I have a soft spot in my heart for design. It’s one of the things I wish I had studied more of as an undergrad. I am trying to learn more about it in my spare time, but what little spare time I do have is directed towards writing and trying to catch up in my academics.

I try to make my workspace as productive as possible and try to clean it up, I think I need a reorganizational schematic, because I find myself with so much clutter and crap, that it gets hard to work. If I have a stationary place where I can sit and work for a long while, I find it helps me with being productive.

I try to clean every day but clutter builds up. Trash builds up and when you have to go out to take out the trash, it ends up being a bit of a hassle. I would be in the favor of the paperless office/workspace, but the tactile sensation of reading something and the scent of ink and paper, I feel helps me with retention.

I weigh the pros and cons of a clean office. It helps me stay focused, but if it’s too sterile, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I guess I need a little mess to go a long way.


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