Day 30: Got an Idea? Write it Down


After taking time off from the creativity project, I am turning to it to procrastinate and so I don’t have to think about my very very late project proposal that’s due. However, the prompt for today mirrors the reason why my proposal is late.

I’ve never liked the idea of an “idea person.” I believe everyone has the potential to come up with a new idea, it’st just the execution of it that causes people to pass or fail. I have a difficult time outlining all my thoughts and ideas because I try to make leaps and associations with them which are flimsy at best.

I am better at off the cuff / in field sort of situations but when I have to sit down and write things out and explain them more in depth, I feel so unprepared. It’s the inverse when I write creative works where if I sit down, I can come up with things easily but if I am put on the spot, I get only cliches and hackneyed images in my head.

I have to write all my ideas down, but it’s making them work together that’s the hard part.


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