Day 26: Don’t Force It

It’s not like a poop. You can’t force it out.  Actually, it is. If you do, you might churn something out, but it may not be that great, you won’t feel good and in the long run, it’ll hurt you.

For the days you can’t write, just relax. Read something. Edit. Go back to an old idea.

Just like with real life, you can give a nudge or a push but if you force it and go overboard, it fails. With relationships, friendships, work, if have to be able to adapt and grow. This is where you can collaborate and ease into a project. If you are enjoying something, then it never really becomes “work.”

I try to update this blog on a regular daily basis (which won’t continue) because of the Creativity Project, but I was forcing it. After this, these meditations and all, I’m going to actually do these entries as things I enjoy. Won’t force it, let them come out–have some fun.

I am glad about this creativity project because all of these things built on each other. I can understand how all of these are supposed to work on each other and not to force it out, just let it all come as it should to you–then edit the shit out of it.


2 thoughts on “Day 26: Don’t Force It

  1. That’s awesome. There aren’t all that many rules in my life, but there’s one I strictly adhere to: If you don’t have anything to write about, don’t write. Cool post.

    1. I just realized I could reply to these things. Yes, thank you for the comment. I find that when I write, I have to plan it out but if it is forced, then I trash it. Weird though how planning is sort of easing it out but when it is written and pushed out, it seems to be a total failure, no?

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