Day 23: Take Risks

I tend to be a cautious person. Taking risks tends to be something I don’t do, but with writing and art, I have decided to try to do more play. It’s not so much as taking risks as it is just having fun with my writing.

When I take risks with my writing, I find myself having more fun and enjoying myself and enjoying my writing more. With taking risks, I can see what I am comfortable with and what I am not.

Taking risks is something I need to do more of in my own personal life. I feel like I do things that are expected of me. How do you take risks in your daily life? What do you consider to be a risk in your every day life?


2 thoughts on “Day 23: Take Risks

  1. A ‘risk’ I have taken not too long ago (a risk that would affect my entire Life) was moving out to California with the Love of my Life. I had planned forever to start traveling at about this time… but instead, I’ve decided to take a look at what is most important in my Life– and Love is definitely above travel and adventure (and for me that is saying a lot… travel and adventure are my backbone).

    So, now I am living in California for the next 3 and a half years working and living while my Love attends college. In taking this ‘risk’ I didn’t know what was ahead of me… I didn’t know what the fate of my dreams would be, but it’s that fear of the unknown can keep us from extraordinary things.

    I have to say– I couldn’t be happier with where I am and where we are going. Were flying back home for Christmas break… and then we will be getting an apartment by the beginning of summer. I am glad that I took this risk and faced my fears.

    We cannot be afraid of the unknown, because it is within that unknown which lies the greatest things of all. We have to step out of our comfort zone in order to change and move forward in Life.


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