Day 20: Watch Foreign Films

This one was fun. I decided to watch a foreign films that were recommended to me “Incendies,” (Loved it. I was not expecting that twist at the end) and I watched a film from the UK that I own but never got to watching, “Weekend” (Eh. It was ok. A little slow on the pacing side).

Then I decided to watch a foreign film that I am familiar with, “Battle Royale.” Now I love this movie. But I watched it on mute and took of the captions. I had to try to either recall the dialogue or make up my own. It was an interesting exercise. I should have tried this with one of the movies I hadn’t seen already (but left the sound on, so I could go by tone or phonemes/cognates). Oh well. Hindsight and all.

But this was enjoyable, maybe because I need to expose myself to more art. I need to go to the museum more, and as I said since I need to go to stuff by myself more often, I should just own up and just explore the city. It’s getting cold out, so I should get into the habit of going out and not being a hermit. They said that the Downer theater plays a few foreign and independent films. Maybe I just need to see the world for more than what I want to see it.

What about you? Do you watch movies much (I don’t which is why this was refreshing) and if so, do foreign films influence you more or less?


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