Day 19: Go Somewhere New

I wanted to make this two fold, so it’s “Go Somewhere New Alone.”

I went somewhere new tonight with a friend, we went to a Vietnamese place for some pho in Bayview (a suburb in Milwaukee). I enjoyed it because it made me miss home (my parents made me eat pho whenever I was feeling sick and I had been under the weather a bit) and it was great because it was my friend’s first time trying pho.
The server was nice and handsome. He made great chatter and talked about his tattoos.

Going somewhere new helped me realize how bad I am with directions.

Tomorrow, I am going to try to go somewhere new, alone. And sit there alone for a while and write. Whether this be a new restaurant/coffee shop or a new store (I have to go to the Toys R Us in Milwaukee to buy my niece and nephew’s holiday gifts). I think I have to be comfortable with being alone. I mean, alone is how I work. I feel that if I can go get coffee alone, go to the store alone and not panic, if I can go to events alone, and finally, go to the movies alone–

Then I should be ok. I’ve always been the type of person to call someone to come over or go get food with someone because I didn’t want to be alone. There’s a joy in isolation.

Just like there’s a joy in discovering somewhere new.

What do you think? Do you like going to new places or are you a creature of habit? Do you like to go to places by yourself? Why or why not?


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