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Sometimes you make the best choices when you don’t intend to. I believe in happy accidents. I believe in mistakes because they allow for growth. You don’t grow if you don’t fail. If you make a mistake, then you allow yourself the chance to correct them and grow as a writer, a person, an artist.

This is why I try not to regret things I’ve done. I end up learning from things. This is why I try to stay friends with my exes. Exes are not mistakes, they were investments that didn’t pan out. With these “personal” mistakes, I can gauge my growth as a person.

I constantly go back to my older work and see how I’ve grown as a writer. Some of the choices I made as a writer back then, I wouldn’t make now. Some of them are discovered through happy accidents that I made and recommendations from others.

When you make mistakes, you change yourself. When you change, you have the capacity to grow.