Day 15: Collaborate

I love collaborating because it’s like you are getting feedback in the process. You get to play with people and their styles as they play with yours. So you get to grow. Some collaborations work better than others. Some personalities and work methods don’t mesh up.

However, you don’t have to be all in each other’s faces for collaboration. You can springboard off of each other for ideas and work. You can read someone’s work or see it (if they are a visual artist/dancer) or listen to it (if a musician).

So I have an idea, but I need to find an artist/designer for it. I want someone to read some of my work and try to design a book cover for whatever book they would be in. That way, it would motivate me to:

  1. Finish my manuscript(s)
  2. Try to find ways to incorporate stuff from the design/drawing into the work

I dunno. I feel like it would help someone get more of a portfolio and I dunno, it would inspire me. And who knows, if my work ever does get completed, I could try to use that design as my book cover.

Meh. What about you? Do you have any stories about collaborations that worked? What about ones that didn’t work?



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