Day 14: Get Feedback

I love getting feedback and giving feedback. I love feedback and and critiques, as long as they are presented in a positive manner. You see there is a difference between feedback and attacking someone.

I mean, you can totally rock your own style and your stuff, but if you aren’t open to hearing from other people about what works and what doesn’t, then how do you grow? I met someone who claims that they didn’t read (but they were a writer and needed to just be surrounded by their ‘purest’ writing. Ugh) other people’s work.

If you are so wrapped up in your own stuff, then who are if you are a writer because if you are happy and aren’t writing for the audience, then you might as well just recite your poetry while masturbating in front of a mirror.

You’ll save everyone else from your self-involved and egotistical work.

If you can’t take feedback, you have some growing up to to.

If you can’t give feedback, you’re selfish and need to know that you can learn best from your mistakes and the mistakes of others.


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