Day 13: Surround Yourself With Creative People

I don’t identify as a creative person. I try to be creative, but I don’t see it as an essential part of my identity. Perhaps it’s because I had such a violent reaction to some of the things on this list, namely “be otherworldly” as a prerequisite for being creative.

I find when I am within a homogenized community/group of people, I find myself wanting to play up and perform the other sides of my identity. If I am with a group of all males, then I try to identify myself through my racial identity or my sexual identity. If I am with all scholars/academics, then I play up my cultural identity.

I guess I just try to be a special little snowflake.

But I am also an introvert which means that if I stay around a group of people long enough, I do get a little drained. I mean, I love people but I get overwhelmed. Maybe I just need a single creative person to bounce ideas off of and talk to.

What about you? Do you surround yourself with creative people to be creative? Does it work?


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