Day 11: Listen to New Music

This was a no brianer. I am always on the search for new music, however I find that the bands I listen to tend to all sound alike. I have tried to transition and change it up a little, but there are only subtle variances.

I played a game where I started with a favorite artist/band then picked another artist that I thought sounded similar. I worked my way until I had 25. Then I would compare the first one I picked with the last one.

Jack Johnson —> The Get Up Kids
While there are some similarities, they seem to be very very opposite.

If enough people like or comment, I’ll post my full list. But I want you to try it. Does exploring new music help you out or does it end up distracting you? Do you stick to the new music or do you just end up going back to what you know?


One thought on “Day 11: Listen to New Music

  1. I actually enjoy listening to new music – I make it a habit to listen to new music every week. I recently tried out metal hahaha. I must say though, I did find some stuff I enjoyed

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