Day 6 & 7: Quit Beating Yourself Up & Take Breaks

I forgot to post yesterday after my tattoo entry but these ended up working really well together. I need to stop trying to please everyone because it ends up being a sickness. If you work all the time, it leads to sickness. And frankly, I am sick of being sick.

It’s one thing to be a self-defeatist and it’s another to be realistic. If I ended up beating myself up about everything, about how I’m not tall enough, good enough, smart enough, fast enough–then it just wastes time and energy left towards what’s important–the work. For every time you say “I can’t” think of every good thing that’s come out of it. Sure I can’t get into the New Yorker (yet). But I made it into Redactions and Connotation Press. Hmm. Saying (yet) to every can’t/don’t I have made me feel better. Maybe if I keep adding that, striving towards that, it’ll push me forward.

And taking a break? I can’t be a workaholic zombie. I’ve seen way too many lifetime made for tv movies about the absent workaholic father to realize that I need to spend time with those I love, but still work at a realistic pace.

I have video games and DVDs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to help me unwind and take a break, but only if I feel like I earned one. Or if I am tired. I just need to treat myself.

So take it easy on yourself. And treat yo self.

But only if you earned it.


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