A non-creativity project post (that one I’ll post later). Tattoo Questions

It’s no secret that I love tattoos however I don’t have one. Yet. I’ve been saving and I plan on getting the following:

  • a compass pointed west and the phrase “Never lost, Always home.”
  • An open pocketwatch
  • the raincross 
  • a quill (possibly with an inkwell, if not with an inkwell, then dripping ink)
  • the phrase “Não sei quantas almas tenho” (It’s Portuguese for “I do not know how many souls I have” a line of poetry that I love by Pessoa).

Thing is, I go back and forth with where I want them and I fight with which one I want to get first. I want them all to work together and not be haphazard. So I am thinking the compass and the pocket watch on my back (left and right shoulder blade respectively) so that they are balancing each other. The raincross on my chest over my heart, the quill on my left forearm and the quote on my right forearm.

That seems balanced. Does that sound good?

Now I just need to find an artist so I can sketch these out.

And I need to figure out which one I’ll be getting first.


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