Day 4: Get Away From the Computer

I spent most of today away from the internet and away from my laptop. I ended up writing in my notebook all day. I tried to get away from all technology, choosing to not text people back and not check my email until I was done with something. I did end up being a lot more productive, but I found myself fidgeting a little.

I mean, yes. The internet is a great tool. I am able to connect with people and meet others from around the world. I can check the news online, check my bank account, my credit score, buy things online and etc. However, it ends up being a huge distraction.

This is how I also feel about cable tv. It does a bit of good, but does a lot of bad as well. Most of the time, it’s a distraction. I need background noise when I work because too much silence makes me even more distracted than having someone around me. I need something around me to keep me accountable.

Getting away from the computer and disconnecting made me more focused, but when I finished–that was it. I couldn’t think of anything else to work on. When I have to buckle down and work, yes–disconnecting the modem and the TV is the best option, but in terms of creativity?

I think I needed those distractions to help me get thoughts going and churning.

However, I love to write things long hand. I hate typing up poems. I write them out first before I type them. I feel it makes things more visceral and makes me more connected to my work. If there was a way to be online without a computer–haha, that would be perfect.

What about you? Can you create stuff being low-tech?


One thought on “Day 4: Get Away From the Computer

  1. Hi there! I like your post very much and can relate. I do think TV/Cable is great but yes a distraction that can lead me to a sort of procrastinating state. Whereas the computer I am embracing more and more. Take journaling or creative writing for eg, I always was a pen to paper girl on this but I have now switched to digital, arghhh!

    I ‘tried’ to cancel my Cable TV but got a cheaper price and a new package πŸ˜‰ I could not live without my computer as it is a companion in a sense, always on, always there and just plain used to it so I admire you for your ‘break’ and totally get why you were fidgety.

    I will not even attempt to rise to the challenge you did as it would end up with experiencing serious withdrawals. Have we come *that* used to it?…… Indeed! πŸ˜‰

    Imogen πŸ™‚

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