Day 3: Try Freewriting

I think these prompts are all building on each other, so it’s not bad. I ended up freewriting for a few hours just writing and not stopping to edit. I filled up two pages, but it wasn’t as productive as I wanted.

As I stated before, my problem has been that I end up going on different tracks as I write. It has become pretty evident how sporadic my thoughts are. Although I got some pretty interesting things with my freewriting. I didn’t really keep an organized list or anything but I ended up changing tones and subjects. Here’s an example:

“There’s a form of poetry that is all stolen lines from different sources (a cento) and I think I might be working with it. I think I might end up playing with more forms of poetry since I always seem to revert back to the free verse or the prose poem.

It went from academic to personal. I guess that’s how I work by funneling things. I go from big wide themes and narrow it down to the very personal. Not so great when it comes to academic essays but hey, if this method works for Phil Levine, then maybe it works for me.”

See? Even my freewriting is a little haphazard. But if I pare back and start working on it a little more, I can big stuff out like sifting gold from a river.

What about you? Do you freewrite?


One thought on “Day 3: Try Freewriting

  1. Whenever I don’t have anyone to talk to in a class, I usually start writing out my thoughts. I’m using the same notebooks that I had last year, and it’s always interesting to see some of these scattered journal entries. I tend to write personal things down, although sometimes a political or religious ideal will inspire me. Writing is so cathartic.

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