Day 2: Carry a Notebook Everywhere

Hmm, this was a good thing to do based off of the first challenge. I usually have a notebook or my laptop on me at all times. I have pads of sticky notes all over my apartment. I have slips of paper with writing on it everywhere.

That’s the thing. It’s not all uniform. I have notebooks that aren’t dedicated to a single thing. I am constantly jotting notes down here, there and everywhere. Whenever I have an idea, I write it down, which is great…

But organization and management is not my best trait.

Here’s a page from my notebook.

“Self-Portrait as Textbook Sale? Use it as parallel with school and academia? Ivory Tower mentality? Knowledge factory?”

“Pay Cable bill.”

I carry a notebook, it keeps my ideas down, it helps me stay accountable, but it doesn’t help me get organized. It allows me to write a little wherever I go, but what I usually write is nonsense stuff that isn’t related to writing that is rarely linked to writing. I have to keep organizing and working on this, but also be more organized.

What about you all? Do you keep a notebook with you wherever you do? Does it work for you?


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