Day 1: Make Lists

Ok. This one is a given for me. I outline constantly. I write lists all the time, usually to try and keep track of my day and the things I have to do. I find that it keeps me organized—for the moment.

List that I wrote today:

To do:

  • Get haircut
  • Make change to do laundry
  • Mail packages -hope it’s less than $75
  • Pay bill on Friday (Yell at Mike) 75? 55?
  • Buy cat food & litter.

It helped me plan things out and usually what I write last is what I tend to do first. How does this help me with my writing? Well, I decided to try some things out.

What inspires me:

  • Music
  • Memory
  • Sensory Stimuli
  • Stories

Hmm. Pretty generic list. Again, I find that the last thing that I write is what I am drawn to more. Hmm. All in all, as an exercise this is working for me because it’s making me keep track of things and it did make me aware of some traits I have. I looked at how this worked with my writing.

Apparently I “bang the drum hard” with clear hard images to declare the poem at the “end.”  I can try to mix up making lists and varying where I order things. I guess this would be like cutting up a poem and ordering and reordering and arranging the lines.

What would happen if you cut up a poem and did that? Would the narrative still work? What about the images?

What about your laundry list of things to do?

Did you manage to write a list and complete anything on it today?


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