33 Ways to Stay Creative

I found this image floating around the internet and I decided, well I need to get working again, so I decided to follow these. I’ll try one out for a full day and post about it. Maybe this will get me back to writing and living a creative life. This came from a push from Yael Villafranca. (@yaelv) who is a fellow Kundiman fellow and writer living in the Bay Area.

Above all else, this should serve as a process blog because I am fascinated about the processes of writing and what steps writers take to start (and more importantly finish) their projects. So starting tomorrow–there will be (or should be) daily updates, even on weeends. I usually try to not post on weekends, but why the hell not? This push should work. Right?

Here’s to writing!



One thought on “33 Ways to Stay Creative

  1. I especially have learnt how to allow mistakes and just work stop/start and stop/start and then somehow the words get flowing. There are times it just flows but writing is often, for me, a problem solving process while in creation/creative mode. Thanks for the list.

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