Keeping Accountable part 3

I should be posting these every 7 days, but I am really bad at it. This is for my poem-a-day challenge. Again, posting the titles to keep me accountable

1. Deposition
2. Stutterer
3. Luigi the Plumber Runs for Office
4. To Lay One’s Head
5. After Video Games
6. Juan Valdez Installs Grindr on his Ipad
7. Boss Chamber
8. (miss)
9. Goodnight Sydney
10. A Girl Named Hemingway Li Bleaches her Hair
11. Performance Art
12. Aiming an Arrow Pointed at an Adventurer’s Knee
13. Solving for (E)x
14. Instructions on Deflecting Ganon’s Magical Blasts
15. Street, Fighter
16. A Girl Named Hemingway Li Visits her Brother’s Grave
17. For the City that Saved Me
18. For the City that Nearly Broke Me
19. Leaving Los Angeles – for my sister
20. (miss)
21. Spark
22. (miss)
23. The Purse Snatcher, Reformed
24. For the City that Created Me
I had two more misses since my last update. To be fair, I was traveling and trying to settle back in to being back in Milwaukee. I have some more writing and academic news but this, I want to keep separate and orderly, so I’ll post about it early next week. I dunno, despite having three misses so far, I am feeling optimistic about this challenge. It’s winding down and I feel like I’ve been more productive than I have been in a long time.

Writing this down has been really helpful as it makes me see my process and it does keep me accountable because I am putting it out there. I’ll talk more about a process blog in a later post and how an awesome writer and blogger herself got me started on this.


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