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I’m really bad at my weekly check-ins for Poem-a-Day. So here are my titles:

1. Deposition
2. Stutterer
3. Luigi the Plumber Runs for Office
4. To Lay One’s Head
5. After Video Games
6. Juan Valdez Installs Grindr on his Ipad
7. Boss Chamber
8. (miss)
9. Goodnight Sydney
10. A Girl Named Hemingway Li Bleaches her Hair
11. Performance Art
12. Aiming an Arrow Pointed at an Adventurer’s Knee
13. Solving for (E)x
14. Instructions on Deflecting Ganon’s Magical Blasts
15. Street, Fighter
16. A Girl Named Hemingway Li Visits her Brother’s Grave

Blegh. What started out as one project is turning into 3. And some of these, I know I’m just going to cannibalize for lines. But hey, I’m writing, right? I still need to make up for my one miss.