I guess I could recycle them…

For the last 4 years, I had served as the nonfiction editor for an online art and literary magazine. We had tried to go into a print format but after bad legal moves and shady business contacts, it left the magazine without the physical print issues it had been promised, without 5000 dollars and with a lot of disappointed subscribers and contributors.

We never recovered. After much thought the editors and I decided to end the journal. So today, which would have been our 4 year anniversary—the Editor in Chief closed down the magazine and the website.

I read a lot of great pieces there and a lot of not so great ones. It was one of the more consistent things in my life because if I ever had some downtime, I could always be doing something for the magazine. I don’t have that now. It does make me want to see about starting one myself. I have the experience now, I think I could at least try it, right? I just need to learn some code and try to tap into my writing network. But I don’t think it’ll be quite the same without the people I had worked with. It’s only been an hour since the website was taken down, but I miss it.

I have this sadness and feeling of loss now.

And a shit ton of business cards I never got to use.


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