Hello world!

I’ve started and stopped with maintaining a blog about 4 times now. So here’s to me trying to be accountable and putting my name on it—putting a stamp that sticks to me and will follow me . So here I am stubbornly trying to get back into writing a blog and stick to it.

So, my name is Noel. Mr. Mariano—but no one calls me that unless I’m in trouble.  Not even my students call me that. Although they tried to call me Mr. Noel which was just awkward all around. People try to stick my mom’s maiden name in there sometimes with Mr. Pabillo-Mariano only to figure out they can’t pronounce Pabillo. I picked The Fool Sage as my blog title because they describe my life as to this moment; my life has been a collection of dumb luck events where I seem to be ok in the end. I’m naïve but knowledgeable. Bright, but inexperienced.

This is an introductory post, so I ought to tell you a little about me. Here are 10 quick facts:

  1. My full name was 13 names long. Boys were rare on both sides of the family, so when I was born it came as a surprise. I did have my name legally shortened when I turned 21.
  2. I currently live in Milwaukee with my cats, Rikku and Celes. Yes, I named them after Final Fantasy characters. I am thinking of adopting or at least fostering a dog.
  3. I was born and raised in Southern California where about 90% of my extended family still live. I visit them as often as I can, and thus I spend a lot of time in airports.
  4. Some of my preferred activities are reading, writing, playing video games, running, aimless drives so I can listen to NPR, watching movies, storytelling, listening to music, cooking, etc.
  5. My day job: I teach LGBT Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where I am a PhD candidate (English, emphasis in Creative Writing). I usually end up showing a ton of movies, assigning readings, and having students discuss the impact that gender and sexuality have on their own personal identities and how these concepts influence communities at large.
  6. I also write poetry. You can Google my name and find a few published pieces online. I also used to be an editor for a literary journal that is closing this year. After a good 4 years and many legal issues, the editors and I have decided to part ways with the project.
  7. I have a completely rational fear of snakes. Completely rational considering how messed up the situation was.
  8. In a former life, I was a pretty decent athlete. I almost qualified for the junior Olympics in archery. In school, I ran track & field. My favorite event in high school was the 440 hurdles, followed by the long jump. My best time was 0:44. As I’ve aged, I have gained an appreciation for longer distances. Would love to run another marathon someday.
  9. It amazes people that I cannot swim nor can I ride a bike. I am trying to remedy that before I turn 35.
  10. My specs: 5 feet 8 inches tall, about 135 pounds, dark brown hair, brown eyes, size 9.5 shoes, left handed.

So anyway, that should do for an introduction. I plan for this blog to be all over the place in the future; so enjoy the focus while it lasts.


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