13320829_10103064860207434_4345332267222241726_oNoel Pabillo Mariano is a storyteller & community activist. They’re the editor of the anthology Press Start & Game On: Voices On Gaming and the author of the chapbooks, A Girl Named Hemingway (Eight Point Star Press) and Dispatches from the Mushroom Kingdom (Hyacinth Girl Press). Their poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming in Connotation Press, Redactions, Silverado Quarterly Review, Red Riverstones, and elsewhere. Noel’s work has been anthologized in Kuwento for Lost Things (Carayan Press),  Here is a Pen: an Anthology of West Coast Kundiman Poets (Achiote Press) and Poetry Assignments: The Book (Sage Hill Press).

Their academic research focuses on participatory media & communities, counter-culture & media, community building and advocacy, rhetoric on place (eg. diasporic communities and the concept of ‘home’) and the literature of myth and folklore. They’re a Kundiman Fellow and a two time recipient of the Maxwell H. Gluck Fellowship for the Arts. Noel’s also a 4 time Moth Storyslam winner and was formerly the Assistant Producer for the Milwaukee shows.

They’re a lover of (most) things geek-related, serving as an organizer of UW-Milwaukee’s Geek Week. They also helped with developing the first national LGBT+ Gaming Conference, GX and served as one of the founding editors of TheGaymers, a game review blog. They enjoy running, watching baseball, cooking, reading graphic novels/comic books, and refinishing furniture. Noel lives in West Chester, PA with their partner & two mouthy mischievous cats, Yuko and Kiwi.